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The Shelby Leather Chair is a stylish and comfortable seating option distinguished by its curved arms and channel quilted back. Crafted with attention to both design and comfort, this chair brings a touch of sophistication to any living space.

Featuring gracefully curved arms, the Shelby Chair exudes a sense of elegance and modern flair. The channel quilted back adds a distinctive texture and visual interest to the design, creating a unique and inviting aesthetic. This chair is not only a statement piece in terms of style but also offers a comfortable seating experience.

Elevate your living room or lounge area with the Shelby Chair, where curved arms, channel quilted details, and contemporary design converge to create a chair that enhances both the visual appeal and comfort of your space.


Height: 30"
Depth: 40"
Width: 48"
Seat Depth : 27"
Seat Height : 20"

SHELBY CHAIR Sale price $4,455.00 USD