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Introducing the Manhattan Leather Sofa Chaise, a leather masterpiece with a design inspired by the iconic style of New York City condos. Meticulously crafted, this sofa chaise not only offers luxurious comfort but also brings the sleek and sophisticated vibe of Manhattan living to your home.

The Manhattan Sofa Chaise is designed to be a focal point in your space, combining the richness of leather upholstery with the modern aesthetic reminiscent of New York's chic condominiums. Whether placed in a trendy urban loft or a contemporary living room, this sofa chaise embodies the essence of Manhattan's distinctive style.

Transform your living space with the Manhattan Sofa Chaise, where leather craftsmanship, a New York-inspired design, and condo chic converge to create a statement piece that not only elevates your home but also reflects the cosmopolitan elegance of Manhattan living.

MANHATTAN SOFA CHAISE Sale price $4,799.00 USD Regular price $7,999.00 USD