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Introducing the Il Lusso leather Chair, where the name translates to "rich-looking" in Italian, and true to its name, this piece exudes opulence and sophistication. Italian influenced and meticulously crafted, the Il Lusso Chair spares no detail, creating a chair that epitomizes luxury and style.

With its rich design, the Il Lusso Chair becomes a statement piece in any room, adding a touch of Italian elegance to your living space. Every detail is carefully considered, reflecting a commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Whether placed in a chic living room or an elegant study, the Il Lusso Chair is a symbol of refined taste and luxury.

Transform your living space with the Il Lusso Chair, where Italian influence and meticulous detailing converge to create a chair that not only looks rich but also adds a level of sophistication that enhances the overall ambiance of your home.


Height: 36"
Depth: 38"
Width: 40"
Seat Depth : 22.5"
Seat Height :19"

IL LUSSO CHAIR Sale price $4,299.00 USD Regular price $7,299.00 USD