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Introducing the Hoss leather Chair, a rugged and western-influenced leather chair that brings a touch of the frontier to your living space. Crafted with a nod to the wild west, the Hoss Chair is designed to capture the essence of Western Americana. With its robust and distinctive design, this chair is a statement piece that adds character and warmth to any room.

The western influence in the design ensures that the Hoss leather Chair stands out, making it a perfect addition to rustic or eclectic interiors. Whether placed in a cozy cabin retreat or as a focal point in a western-themed room, the Hoss Chair becomes a symbol of frontier charm and durability.

Transform your living space with the Hoss Chair, where western influences converge with quality craftsmanship, creating a leather chair that not only reflects the spirit of the Old West but also provides a comfortable and inviting seat for relaxation.

Showcased in Luxury Western Rawhide Leather 


Height: 36"
Depth: 38"
Width: 44"
Seat Depth : 21.5"
Seat Height :18"

HOSS CHAIR Sale price $2,999.00 USD Regular price $5,299.00 USD