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We now carry this hard-to-find leather cleaner. Deep Cleaning  Leather Cleaner is safe for all of your tack, including Calfskin saddles. Our recommendation is that you not over-clean your saddleseat tack, including saddles. Wipe them down after use and leave them alone. Too much cleaning can actually wear them out faster. If possible, keep your tack in a climate controlled space and clean with leather cleaner and conditioner only once in a while. Today’s leathers are designed to be soft. Over cleaning can break them down and stiffen them. Boss Leather products are made with low wax content and plenty of oils. 16.2 oz bottle.

Manufacturer’s Information:

Boss Leather deep Cleaner  gently removes dirt, grime, grease and other stains from your saddles, bridles and all other saddlery gear.

This product is a heavy duty cleaner that can be used with or without water. The Deep Cleaning  Soap is stronger and more concentrated than most so it easily removes heavy dirt, grime, stains and grease from saddles, harness gear, boots and tack accessories, requiring less elbow grease from you.

The glycerine and pH balanced formula allows for a gentle, non-stripping clean which hydrates as it clean and prevents leather from permanently darkening.

Using Boss Deep Cleaner  leather care products will guarantee all your leather gear, will be kept in quality condition.​ How to use this product:

Step 1 Remove all fittings and buckles and use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down surface of leather to remove loose dirt, dust, hair or moisture.

Step 2 Apply to leather using a soft, damp cloth.

Step 3 Rub well before wiping off excess cleaner with a dry cloth.

DEEP CLEANING LEATHER CLEANER Sale price $40.00 USD Regular price $70.00 USD