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Introducing the Leather Games Room Chair, a tufted and stylish seating solution designed to elevate your game room experience. This chair, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, adds a touch of sophistication and comfort to your gaming or entertainment space. Available in any leather color, choice of wood stain, and stud detailing options, the Games Room Chair offers customization to match your unique style and preferences.

The tufted design not only adds a classic and elegant look to the chair but also ensures a comfortable and supportive seat for extended periods of enjoyment in your game room. Whether you're creating a cozy corner for board games or setting up a stylish gaming area, the Games Room Chair becomes a statement piece that combines functionality with aesthetics.

Level up your game room with the Games Room Chair, where tufted sophistication, customizable options, and comfort converge to create the perfect seat for your gaming and entertainment pursuits.


Height: 34"
Depth: 30"
Width: 31"
Seat Depth : 20"
Seat Height :18.5"

GAMES ROOM CHAIR Sale price $3,299.00 USD Regular price $5,899.00 USD