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Introducing the Chantal Tub Chair, a wonderful modern-transitional piece that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and space-saving functionality. This tub chair is a perfect addition to any contemporary setting, featuring a sleek design that adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Crafted for comfort and available in many top-grain leather options, the Chantal Tub Chair offers a luxurious seating experience that complements your unique style.

For those who appreciate versatility, the Chantal Tub Chair is also available in a swivel option, providing an extra dimension of flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer a classic leather look or a bold color statement, the extensive range of top-grain leather options allows you to tailor the chair to your individual taste and interior decor.

Elevate your modern-transitional space with the Chantal Tub Chair, where form meets function in a compact and stylish design that prioritizes both comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Height: 28"
Depth: 31"
Width: 31"
Seat Depth : 24"
Seat Height :19"

CHANTAL TUB CHAIR Sale price $2,899.00 USD