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Introducing the Grand Canyon Leather Sofa, a truly distinctive and eye-catching piece that enhances the character of your living space. With its tight back and roll back side profile, this sofa exudes both elegance and individuality. Meticulously crafted and available in a diverse range of leather colors and choices, the Grand Canyon Leather Sofa offers customization to suit your specific style and preferences.

The tight back design contributes to a sleek and sophisticated appearance, while the roll back side profile adds a touch of uniqueness. Whether placed as a focal point in your living room or incorporated into a larger seating arrangement, the Grand Canyon Leather Sofa becomes a statement piece, showcasing its exceptional design and providing luxurious comfort.

Elevate your home with the Grand Canyon Leather Sofa, where the combination of a tight back, roll back side profile, and customizable options creates a sofa that is not only visually striking but also uniquely tailored to your personal taste.


Height: 36"
Depth: 40"
Width: 88"
Seat Depth : 24"
Seat Height :20"

GRAND CANYON SOFA Sale price $4,299.00 USD Regular price $7,299.00 USD